Intuitive Art



 I would like to share a magical experience of uncovering your soul’s voice through the practice of Intuitive Art.  The outcome is an expansive flow, as you open your channel between yourself and your Guides, Spirits, Teachers or from loved ones who have transitioned beyond this plane…  receiving great knowledge and answers through their loving, compassionate and wise presence.

I find that connecting with this energy to be enjoyable as well as informative. Allowing this flow, will inform you regarding questions you may have about yourself or someone else beyond your conscious mind.  Unveiling and interpreting symbols, colors, shapes or beings is exciting and illuminating. Reaching deep into aspects of oneself in this creative way, brings about a unique knowing and awareness.  I find this absolutely exhilarating!!

Expanding intuitive talents.  “Developing one’s intuition helps to direct one’s intuitive abilities for practical purposes in everyday life.”

You do not have to be an art student or have any background in art.  There are no “artistic” requirements, only a willingness to let go of your mind and ego… a willingness to let go and let your creative soul take the lead.  You will be channeling energy as opposed to drawing, utilizing the medium of pastels. This allows you to see beyond your minds’ eye… utilizing inner senses, resulting in increased perception and expansion.  Development of the inner sense allows a person to see the unobvious as well as the obvious.