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PTI is a powerful personal transformative process for anyone seeking to embrace life to its fullest. It focuses on healing trauma, co-dependency, addiction and diminishing self-beliefs. It is an enlightening and enlivening experience that touches the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Through this program you will come to know your authentic self, embrace your inner authority, enhance relationships, self-confidence and learn to live life without self-defeating and self-sabotaging patterns. It is for people who are ready to embrace their emotional, mental and spiritual growth. This program provides enduring change and healing in a loving, safe and supportive environment.

PTI is a structured program that meets one weekend a month for five months.  Each weekend convenes from 5PM Friday and extends through 5 PM Sunday where specific issues are examined and processed.

During the PTI, you will experience the following powerful processes:
• Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Discovery
• Conscious-Connected Breathwork
• Energetic Psychodrama
• Heart-Center Meditation and Chanting
• Clearing Techniques
• The Mastermind process for achievement of goals

The Benefits of the PTI process:
• Release negative thoughts and beliefs that undermine life within
• Create healthy and fulfilling relationships
• Learn tools for reducing stress and improving your health
• Deepen your awareness of your spiritual life
• Embrace abundance and prosperity
• Learn to differentiate love from sex, neediness, control and fear of abandonment